It is with immense gratitude to almighty God that I welcome us all into the New Year 2020! As we look back over the past year, there is much to be appreciated in the way God has favoured the Corporation on many fronts. In 2019, the Corporation celebrated its 30th anniversary with panache to universal acclaim. A new Board of Directors to superintend over the affairs of the Corporation was also inaugurated by the Honourable Minister of Finance, along with the appointment of Mrs Ronke Sokefun as the first female Board Chairman of NDIC. The resumption of the new Board signalled the revitalisation of our collective efforts towards achieving the Corporation’s objectives.

It is an undeniable fact that the Corporation has continued to contribute significantly to the safety and stability of the nation’s financial system and has been recognised as a symbol of excellence in service delivery and industry standards. The Corporation’s achievements since its inception were succinctly captured in all the elaborate presentations delivered at most of the events staged to commemorate our 30th Anniversary in October. The events consolidated all our major achievements and milestones. The Corporation ended the year 2019 on a bright note. It was recognized as the Best Performing MDA by the SERVICOM Office in the Presidency for its strict compliance with SERVICOM standards and excellence in service delivery.

My dear colleagues, let me caution at this point that even as we have much to be grateful to God for over our achievements in 2019, the year 2020 will be a defining year for the Corporation because of its importance to our strategic vision. It is the year we collectively earmarked to emerge as one of the best Deposit Insurer’s in the world. We cannot afford to rest on our oars. We have an obligation to re-dedicate our efforts with renewed energy and enthusiasm towards achieving the core mandates of Deposit Guarantee, Bank Supervision, Distress Resolution and Liquidation.

On this note, please accept my best wishes for a peaceful, prosperous new year 2020!

Umaru Ibrahim, FCIB, mni
Managing Director/CEO